Wall mounted UV Light

•UV-DIRECT LIGHT allows deep disinfection of air and surfaces in any type of food or medical environment. Traditional cleaning methods are open not sufficient to guarantee high levels of
hygiene, which can only be achieved through the use of UV-C technology. In fact, the environments where food and medicine are processed must be sanitized
to maintain the high hygiene and quality standards typical of this sector. With UV-DIRECT LIGHT, it is possible to carry out the disinfection of production, packaging,
storage areas, etc. in a simple, immediate and safe way, without developing heat, without using liquids and chemicals and without any contraindications.
UV-DIRECT LIGHT is equipped with a UV-C lamp, and it is applied as a common fixing to the ceiling. The device can be switched on during work breaks, always when
the staff is not present, so that it irradiates the surfaces, which are then disinfected. In just a few minutes of operation.
The high levels of disinfection of UV-DIRECT LIGHT can be achieved.

Technical Data
•254 nm wave length.
•Irradiance : 34 mJ/cm2
•Does not produce ozone or other secondary contaminants.
•220 V/230V 60 Hz.
•40W (eight lamps 40W).

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