Hygiene station

•which washes, dries, and disinfects hands and then cleans soles, is very popular as it cleans hands from washing to disinfection without using paper. Furthermore, two rotating brushes ensure that shoe soles are cleaned quickly. The three components for cleaning, drying, and disinfecting hands are combined with a turnstile.
• In the touch-free washing area, soap from the dispenser is automatically mixed with water, followed by clear, flowing water.
• Afterwards, an automatic high-speed hand dryer dries hands hygienically and thoroughly in less than ten seconds.
•Next, the user inserts his/her hands into the disinfection area. The automatic sensors activate two nozzles, which spray the hands with disinfectant.
•Entry is granted and the user may pass through the turnstile. While the user is passing through, his/her shoe soles are cleaned quickly and efficiently by two horizontally positioned, rotating
brushes covered with stainless steel grating and sprayed with a mixture comprising water and cleaning agent.
•Thanks to its robust design, hands, and soles can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly while saving time and energy.

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