Hygiene station with access control and single hand wash sink with pass through shoe cleaner with hand disinfection

Hygiene Station:
•with access control.
•with single hand wash sink with outlet tap with sensor.
•with pass through shoes cleaner with tow broach and water injection.
•with hand disinfection with gel injection with sensor.
•The motors of the rotating brushes as well as the water
Power supplies are turned on and shut off immediately after leaving the station by the command of a sensor and a 30 second timer.
When simultaneously cleaning wet shoe soles, the following stations are cycled through successively:
Sensor-controlled touch less hand sanitizer: An adjustable amount of sanitizer is dispensed into Both hands.
Actuating the hand sanitizer unit activates the unlock green light (red light = locked, Green light = open) and triggers a one-time triggering of the 3-arm electromechanical tripod
The tripod can alternately be put in the open or locked position in the opposite direction.
A holder for the disinfectant gel and mount mounted easily accessible on the unit.
An emergency button to ensure user safety

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