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About us

The roots of Hosinox factory for hotel, kitchen and food equipement dates back to 1983, in Tunisia, under the name “Inox Net”. Then, in 2000 it was named “Al Qurashi”.
The new brand name “Hosinox” stands for the company’s owner “Mr.Houssine” and “Inox” the French equivalence of stainless steel.
Hosinox is considered as one of the most famous companies in the field in Asia. It respects the different steps of the manufacturing process including Marketing, Design, Conception, Production and Delivery. Hosinox distributes all stainless steel products mainly for central kitchens and hospitals.

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Our Catalogue


HOSINOX SHAWAYA - Our way of Grilling

HOSINOX new smart kitchen hood

Hosinox Drainage System V 2.0

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