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Gaz range 6 burners

Original price was: 13.715,00 ر.س.Current price is: 9.600,00 ر.س.

•This product is made of the finest types of stainless steel, allowing to control the height of the feet up to 50 mm.
•This product has 6 high efficiency burners and an electric gas oven provides speed and flexibility in cooking with 3 levels.
•The worktop of this product is 1.5 mm thick to resist.
•Stainless steel adjustable feet up to 50 mm.
•6 high quality 5W burners allow to adapt flames to different sizes of pans.
•The possibility of washing the pans holder in a dishwasher.
•Burners to feature flame regulator.
•Stainless steel oven has 5 levels of runners to accommodate 2/1 GN shelves.
•Ease of cleaning and increased power of the hob.
•Oven thermostat adjustable from
140°C to 300°C.
•Interior pressed plate door for thermal insulation.
•45 mm thick stainless steel door to ensure good insulation.
•Ergonomic and strong door handles.
•High efficiency casting iron, gas burners and high quality gas.
•Valves provides power and safety.
•Rounded corners for easy cleaning.
•Burners equipped with thermocouple safety system.
•6 upper gas switches and 1 for oven

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