How to choose your electric grill?

Advantages of the electric grill

The electric grill , or table barbecue, has the immense advantage of being able to be taken everywhere! Perfectly suited for family reunions and other picnics where traditional barbecues cannot be used, it can be used just as well in your kitchen (it produces no smoke), to cook a panini or a steak in just a few minutes . Easy to use, a few manipulations are enough to start cooking all your dishes.

Table grill purchase criteria


The power of the device is a particularly important criterion to take into account. Indeed, it must not only ensure optimal operation of the grill (for fast and efficient cooking of food), but also be sufficiently balanced to avoid overconsumption of electricity. The least greedy grills offer a power of around 1000 Watts, which is sufficient for meals in small groups. In case of a feast with more than 8 guests, aim for a device between 1500 and 3000 Watts. In any case, avoid grills with less than 1000 Watts, because the cooking time may be far too long.


The manufacturing material represents a real guarantee of quality. You have no intention of hesitating for hours? You can never go wrong with a stainless steel or cast iron body. Both design and very resistant, stainless steel is the safe choice par excellence. In addition, its sober appearance blends easily with all types of cuisine. Cast iron, on the other hand, easily withstands the highest temperatures. Regarding the coating of the plates, it is, to date, non-stick on almost all the devices on the market.

Control panel

Control panel with symbols, digital or manual, this is a purely user-friendly choice. Where the manual control allows you to adjust the power, the thermostat and the timer of the device, the digital offers you, like ovens or microwaves, several cooking modes. Just select! The symbol control panel, as its name suggests, allows the appliance to be adjusted by referring to the pictograms present on it. Digital, which can be more expensive, is not always a perfect guarantee of quality!


A color-coded thermostat? Yes it’s possible ! Very easy to understand, the color code allows you to vary the cooking and therefore satisfy everyone! Green : device start-up phase; Yellow : for rare meat; Orange : medium doneness; Red : well done! Childish, right? The most modern and advanced appliances have an automatic thermostat system. The concept is simple : the grill automatically detects the nature and thickness of the meat and starts cooking before stopping it once the meat is ready to be eaten.


The timer, although not essential, offers a real comfort of use. Configurable by the minute or by ten-minute slots, it allows, when the grill does not have cooking sensors, not to grill your food inadvertently.
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